My name is Jonas. The initial reason I started this blog is that of the hobby of writing. Each time when my mood is unhappy, happy or feeling anything else, I always want to record it to express voices and ideas. The thing is, if you write like this on Facebook, you will probably be unfriended and lost a lot of friends. So this blog was created so that I can write freely that only people who share the same passion will find it.

Second, train yourself to synthesise information. Also, keep up with what you have learned over time. So, later (5 years to 10 years from now if the blog still exists LOL) you can read back everything you have written to know how everything goes. Then, you can see your achievement that you have done.

What does this blog have? It contains the information you are looking for; experiences that have learned over time. You’ve heard the saying, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” So why not save these exciting journeys and share them?

Hope all of the writings I have shared in this blog will be useful to young people out there. So, enjoy the blog and my writings!