The Unlimited Business Opportunities in The Age of Social Media

Entrepreneurs who are from different field all make an effort to obtain more possibilities via SOCIAL NETWORKING, which pays to, low priced and remarkable.Both of these years, the SOCIAL NETWORKING has an unparalleled developed. Undeniable, social networking is hottest subject and device in the advertising activity.

For instance, Twitter, typically the most popular system in this era.

Which means, the users of Twitter can accept businesses easily. On the other hand with Facebook, in the percentage of users who are pursuing a lot more than 5 corporations, is greater than Facebook.

But this are significantly less in Facebook. That’s, the discussion between Twitter users and businesses is even more positive. Rather, the discussion of Facebook users are choose to read communications that are reported by corporations, to get the discount coupons or promotion info, to vote which can be conducted by the firms. According to the study, the users of Twitter prefer to retransmit and comment the communications and upgrade from corporations, prefer to participate in on-line and offline actions which organized from the corporations, prefer to keep their remarks as the recommendation, like to suggest the business or brand with their close friends on-line, prefer to upload some video clips or photos about the business.

Besides, Twitter can be an real-time and general public site, therefore the occurrence will be more powerful than additional media. Specialists analyze, among the reason may be the users in Twitter is usually a lot more than Facebook; the additional is different house, the Facebook is usually a genuine social-networking site, but is really a platform which gives all sorts of information.

On the other hand with traditional advertisements, Twitter may be the likesome, since it is some sort of service however, not troubling. We generally add the interested users of ours, and obtain something we wish out of this. As recognized to all, the users of want add focus on users independently. Most enterprises such as this function, therefore they sign up for the Twitter, and try to appeal to other users, individual the clients and get earnings from one another.

So increasingly more business users apply business certification, even a few of them obtain more regarding via transactions. For instance, if we insight “hand bags”, Twitter will display some relevant users instantly, and these users must obtain enough followers or having a “V”, exactly like “Bagtreeok” (from ). Whenever we are looking the keywords we want in, will recommend relevant users.

4% weighed against the first one fourth. As per the most recent data, in the next one fourth, the income from ad is usually 103 million USD, the pace of rise is usually 12. It’s the first time to supply the independent ad space for tweets in the next one fourth of 2012, it demonstrates there’s a huge profits in ad for twitter. In every from the income from ad, income from tweets ad gets 10% level, it’s about 10 million USD. As this pattern, the twitter ad will be extended correct along, and we think that increasingly more businesses will be drawn in the foreseeable future.

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